Choosing to Downsize Your Phoenix Apartment

It’s common for couples and families to upgrade their lifestyle with a larger residence, but sometimes a bigger home isn’t always the best decision. In some cases, a smaller Phoenix apartment home or something with a little less space can actually provide a better overall experience.

If you haven’t yet settled on a particular size of apartment, here are a few reasons you might want to consider a small, cozy apartment.

Trade a Large, Plain Apartment for a Smaller Luxury Home

Living in a large yet plain apartment can offer a variety of benefits like extra storage for your possessions, but to afford a large and spacious apartment, you might have to pass up nice amenities like community swimming pools and exercise rooms. You might be able to trade an extra bedroom in your current apartment for access to various amenities in a smaller apartment.

Take a look at your lifestyle or the type of lifestyle you might wish to enjoy. If you have children and you enjoy spending time at home with them, you might fare best in a large apartment. Alternatively, if you spend more time outside than in your apartment, you might not need the extra space of a large residence.

Ask yourself these basic questions:

  1. Would you like an extra bedroom for guests or access to luxury amenities?
  2. Do you spend more time outdoors or are you a homebody?
  3. Can living in a smaller apartment help you live in a more desirable area?

If you cast your net wide enough during your search, you might actually be able to find an apartment that satisfies your size needs, as well as your need for certain amenities.

Enjoy Smaller Bills for Utilities and Rent

Every year it feels like there’s another bill that must be paid each month, and saving money often means cutting back on certain services like cable television or the amount of data on a cell phone plan. Living in a smaller apartment can also help you reduce the cost of your utilities, particularly when you have to run a central air conditioning system during the summer.

Imagine the cost of cooling a two-bedroom Phoenix apartment that’s around 1000 sq ft when it’s 100 degrees outside versus the cost of cooling a one-bedroom apartment that’s only around 500 sq ft. If you’re particularly interested in saving money everywhere while still getting to enjoy the luxury lifestyle, you might even consider a trendy studio apartment for the ultimate in efficiency.

During your search for a new apartment, you may want to inquire about the average cost for utilities in each potential residence. You might find that one apartment community covers your electricity and another Phoenix apartment covers your water bill. Comparing the utilities you’ll have to cover, as well as the cost of those utilities for each size of apartment can help you get the right apartment in your budget.

Find Your New Luxury Apartment at Rancho Ladera

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